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Refresh Update


Tram 116 has now had its refresh completed. It is the twentyfifthand final tram to be refreshed. Work will shortly be starting on our seconday refresh program which will comprise of a complete undercarriage overhaul. More information about this section of the refresh program will follow shortly.


We have received excellent feedback from all sections of the tram and light rail world. This is based on the design, innovation, speed, quality and value for money of our refresh program.


Feedback from our driving and conducting staff has been an integral factor in the ongoing refresh program and following this, a new lighting filter is being tested in one section of Tram 107. Our aim is to reduce the glare for drivers and provide adequate, safe lighting levels for the travelling public.


Fleet availability has been placed under a lot of pressure during the refresh and we are currently supplying 23 trams out of a pool of 24 during this time. No other system in the UK can come close to these availability figures. This is made possible because of the close working relationship between the maintenance and operations departments.

Stagecoach Supertram Maintenance limited are the only UK light rail company to attempt and successfully carry out a refresh onsite, effecting the majority of the  work using their own staff. None of the above would have been possible, without good people and we are proud of all staff at Supertram in particular the maintenance and project team.