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Important fare information

Please note, the below fares will apply from 2 April 2017.


Single/Return tickets

Short distance single –   £1.70

Short distance return –   £3.00

Longer distance single – £2.40


SupertramLink bus inclusive single –







Price varies according to journey made visit for more information


Adult Day tickets

Tram Only Dayrider – £4.00

Sheffield Bus & Tram Dayrider – £4.20

Explorer – £6.30


Weekly tickets

Tram Only Megarider –   £13.50

Sheffield Bus & Tram Megarider – £14.50

Megarider Gold – £21.00


Child tickets

Child South Yorkshire Bus & Tram Dayrider – £2.20

Child Explorer – £4.20


Online Fares


Tram only 28 day Megarider - £48

Tram only Megarider Xtra -  £48*


Tram & Bus 28 day Megarider - £54                           

Tram & Bus Megarider Xtra - £54*


Student Tram only 28 day Megarider -  £39   

Student Tram only Megarider Xtra -  £39*   


Student Tram & Bus 28 day Megarider - £43  

Student Tram & Bus Megarider Xtra - £43*    


Tram only Megarider - £13.50

Tram only Dayrider - £4 – available on the Stagecoach Bus App



*Payments due after this date will automatically be at the price shown



Unfortunately these changes are due to rising costs, customers can save money by switching to the monthly Xtra tickets which offer better value than the 28 day option. Travelling by tram still represents great value  with a tram only Megarider Xtra offering unlimited travel on the tram from only £1.59 per day**


** based on 364 days divided by 12 giving an average of 30.34 days per month


Travelmaster Tickets


Prices shown below will also come into effect from Sunday 2 April 2017. 


Citywide tickets – any bus or tram in Sheffield

Citywide Day:  £4.60

Citywide Week:  £16.00***



SY Connect – any bus or tram in South Yorkshire

SY Connect Day: remains at £6.30

SY Connect Week: £22 ***


Travelmaster Smartcards - 50p

From April 2 smart cards will no longer be issued free of charge. If a customer doesn’t already hold a card to load their Travelmaster product onto they need to buy one from the conductor for 50p. The cards are designed to be reused and will last a number of years. This nominal charge is to encourage reuse and minimise wastage. 


***additional cost of 50p if new smart card is required (available on tram from the conductor) Please note, that these tickets will only be sold as a smart product onto a smart card and paper tickets will not be available.