Welcome to SupertramLink


SupertramLink services have been designed to offer the residents of Stocksbridge, Deepcar, Wharncliffe Side, Oughtibridge and Stannington a service to link up with Supertram from the Middlewood Park and Ride site (SL1/1a) and Malin Bridge terminus (SL2).

These innovative services allows customers to link up with areas of the city that would have previously required a long walk or another bus journey, such as the University and the Hallamshire and Childrens hospitals.





SL1 Route

From the 4th September 2016, the SL (Supertram Link) was extensively revised. The timetable and route were altered with SL journeys numbered SL1 running clockwise and new service SL1a running anticlockwise in Stocksbridge and Deepcar. Evening and Sunday route were also revised with SL1 extended to Hillsborough Interchange.


SL2 Route


The service starts from the bus stop adjacent to the tramstop on Holme Lane (Citybound side) during peak hours. Off peak, the service operates from Hillsborough Interchange

The circular route is as follows:

[Hillsborough Interchange (Off Peak)] MALIN BRIDGE, Stannington Road, Stanwood Road, Deer Park Road, Stannington Road, Oldfield Road, Nethergate, School Lane, Church Street, Upper Gate Road, Bankfield Lane, Stannington Road, Acorn Drive, Greaves Lane, Stannington Road, Deer Park Road, Stanwood Road, Stannington Road, Loxley New Road, MALIN BRIDGE [Hillsborough Interchange (Off Peak)]



For timetables for the SupertramLink services from 4th September 2016, click on one of the downloads below.