Welcome to SupertramLink


SupertramLink services have been designed to offer the residents of Stocksbridge, Deepcar, Wharncliffe Side, Oughtibridge and Stannington a service to link up with Supertram from the Middlewood Park and Ride site (SL1) and Malin Bridge terminus (SL2).

Residents of Sothall, Holbrook and Killamarsh also benefit from the SL3 service which links up with Supertram at Moss Way

These innovative services allows customers to link up with areas of the city that would have previously required a long walk or another bus journey, such as the University and the Hallamshire and Childrens hospitals.



With buses operating up to every 10 minutes, there's no need for a timetable either, just turn up and board one of our wheelchair and buggy friendly buses.


SL1 Route

Middlewood, Middlewood Park& Ride Middlewood Road, Middlewood Road North

Oughtibridge Langsett Road South, Langsett Road North

Wharncliffe Side Main Road

Deepcar Manchester Road, Carr Road, Wood Royd Road, Armitage Road, Lee Avenue

Stocksbridge Bracken Moor Lane

Deepcar Coal Pit Lane

Stocksbridge Cedar Road, Shay House Lane, Hole House Lane, Park Drive Way, Park Drive, Sitwell Avenue, Moorland Drive, Oaks Avenue, Ridal Avenue, Park Drive, Park Drive Way, Manchester Road, Unsliven Road, Manchester RoadDeepcar

Wharncliffe Side Main Road, Langsett Road North

Oughtibridge Low Road, Langsett Road South, Middlewood Road North, Middlewood Road

Middlewood, Middlewood Park & Ride


SL2 Route


The service will start from a temporary bus stop on Holme Lane (Citybound side).

The circular route is as follows:

MALIN BRIDGE, Stannington Road, Stanwood Road, Deer Park Road, Stannington Road, Oldfield Road, Nethergate, School Lane, Church Street, Upper Gate Road, Bankfield Lane, Stannington Road, Acorn Drive, Greaves Lane, Stannington Road, Deer Park Road, Stanwood Road, Stannington Road, Loxley New Road, MALIN BRIDGE


SL3 Route


The service commences from Moss Way and travels along Ochre Dike Lane into Crystal Peaks Bus Station. From there it travels along Waterthorpe Greenway, Drake House Lane, West Street, Orchard Lane, Hartland Avenue, Rother Valley Way, Sheffield Road, (then a one way circular route around Killamarsh as follows), Bridge Street, High Street, Westthorpe Road, Cherry Tree Drive, Westfield Road, Rowan Tree Road, Walford Road and then back on to Sheffield Road. It then returns back to Moss Way via the reverse route.


You can buy your Weekly megarider or Dayrider ticket on board the tram or bus and at just £4.00 for a day or £13.50 for a week, we are bringing fantastic value travel to the area. Both tram conductors and bus drivers will also be able to sell a range of good value single tickets, just ask for details.


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For timetables for the SupertramLink services, click on one of the links below.